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Condominium Corporation loans can be a beneficial and workable resource for Condo Boards and owners alike, who are faced with the difficult reality of Special Assessments when their reserve funds do not have the adequate amounts necessary to cover repair costs. Condo Boards and Owners want a solution that maintains or increases the equity value of their homes and the borrowing option can help produce that result.

Jim Wallace

Jim Wallace is a highly respected member of the Canadian condominium industry. In 2009, Jim created Condominium Financial Inc. Jim also is a member of the Canadian Condominium Institute Northern Alberta Chapter. As a member of CCI NAC, Jim represents the institute at a variety of functions and events helping to provide education through seminars, lectures, presentations and conventions enhancing the development and understanding of the condominium industry.

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Jim Critchley

Jim Critchley acts as the Southern Alberta (Calgary-based) representative for Condominium Financial Inc.   He is a retired school administrator, and was a classroom teacher for 25 years.  He resides in south Calgary.  Jim’s experience, commitment to service, and his teaching background are assets in helping condominium boards and property managers navigate the condominium loan process.  Jim is a member of Canadian Condominium Institute South.  He has presented to the CCI luncheon meetings, attended the Association of Condominium Mangers of Alberta and CCI Fall conferences, and provided insight and support at Condo board, Annual General Meetings and special borrowing-focus meetings.

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Adam Wallace

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Garry Hoffart

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Kris Fernandes

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