How it works

website_icons_worksWhen a repair is needed and funds in Reserve Fund do not cover expenses, we can provide funding to ensure all work that is needed or required is completed. An owner’s financial obligation will be limited exclusively to the timeframe they own the condo.
If you own the condo for the next five years, you are only responsible for five years. The result is a much fairer system that equally distributes costs amongst all owners from this point forward. This is a far superior benefit in a community
We can help Board Members balance the best interests of the Condominium Corporation with cost efficiency. We specialize in a condominium financing program that provides emotional and monetary relief to owners while eliminating the need for the current Special Assessment model to raise money for repair expenditures.

How a special assessment normally works.

Because of the nature of Special Assessments, one person carries the financial responsibility for all the other owners.

Past and future owners have no responsibility to present financial demands.

How Condominium Financial Helps.

A model where all Owners have an equal share in the benefits and obligations of their Corporation is far superior in a Community Environment.

As you can immediately see, the costs you would have incurred from a Special Assessment have DRASTICALLY dropped.